J&K understands the unique needs of Taft-Hartley Funds and Labor Unions


We strive to provide our clients with learned counsel.  Resolve difficult problems; find solutions, not obstacles; avoid trouble, legal or otherwise; help our clients find and choose experienced, trustworthy and effective plan professionals, when asked; and most importantly, help our clients succeed.  Johnson & Krol, LLC, is available for attendance at Board Meetings, as required or requested by the Board and can draft or assist with drafting of minutes.

New Developments

At Johnson & Krol, we are diligent at keeping up with current developments in case law, regulations and advisory opinions relating to ERISA and Labor Law and, most importantly, letting our clients know how the changes affect them.  One of the ways that we keep our clients informed about important legal developments is by publishing a newsletter, the Taft-Hartley Report, devoted to ERISA and Labor Law issues.

Defined Benefit Plans

We are experienced in all aspects of Defined Benefit Pension Plan representation, including funding requirements, benefit plan design, plan mergers and participant communications.


Defined Contribution Plans

We represent many defined contribution plans and we are familiar with all aspects of their design and operation.


Health and Welfare Plans

We are experienced in all relevant areas of welfare plan representation including plan design, participant communications and regulatory requirements.


Compliance with Regulatory Requirements

J&K provides robust support for the administration of our plans by giving the clear, concise and timely advice needed to administer a plan on a daily basis.

Plan Document Maintenance

In order to protect participants, trustees, employers and the union, Johnson & Krol takes responsibility for maintaining all plan documents in compliance with ERISA and the Code.  By maintaining duplicate sets of all plan documents in our office, our clients are assured that information can be retrieved and reviewed.


ERISA Litigation and Collection of Delinquent Contributions

With our comprehensive understanding of contribution collection procedures, compliance audits and bonding alternatives, we help our clients maintain an effective collection program. J&K also represents clients in ERISA benefits litigation.


Labor Union Organizations

J&K provides comprehensive services to numerous labor organizations.


Subrogation and Right to Reimbursement

We use effective plan language, forms, analysis and knowledge of relevant law to achieve fair results in a cost-effective manner.


Benefit Determinations

We are available for immediate consultation on a daily basis for help, making initial benefit determinations and appeal decisions.


QDRO Administration

We provide timely and effective review and notifications. To keep the costs to the client low, we have developed model Domestic Relations Orders that can be distributed directly by the fund to requesting parties.


Fund and Plan Audits

Johnson & Krol, LLC provides counsel and support for pension and welfare plans subject to Department of Labor or Internal Revenue Service audits.  We have experience in handling document review and preparation, drafting responses to corrective action letters and general representation in dealing with the IRS and DOL.


Review and Negotiate Provider Contracts

At Johnson & Krol, LLC, we strive to protect the Trustees and the Participants by engaging in thorough analysis and effective negotiation of these provider and vendor contracts.

Claims and Appeals Administration

Johnson & Krol, LLC, has extensive experience advising clients regarding claims and appeals administration.  We assist clients with developing programs and procedures for full compliance with federal regulations. 

Investment Contracts

J&K has extensive experience negotiating, drafting and/or reviewing all types of investment agreements for our clients.

Fiduciary Liability Insurance

Johnson & Krol, LLC works with leading insurance brokers and carriers in the multiemployer industry to assist trustees with comprehensive fiduciary liability insurance coverage.  We take proactive steps at first indication of a potential claim and we stay apprised of new coverage opportunities and evaluate the costs and benefits of additional coverage to advise trustees in making informed decisions about broker recommendations.

Shared Services/Expenses Policies

Our team at J&K has extensive experience in advising clients and interfacing with the DOL during plan reviews, we understand the importance of implementation and administration of a shared expense policy between ERISA trust funds and related parties.  We are able to advise clients regarding best practices in determining a reasonable methodology for allocating expenses.

Withdrawal Liability

Johnson & Krol, LLC, drafts and negotiates withdrawal liability policies to protect pension funds and to provide contributing employers notice of their liablility and the procedural requirements in advance of a withdrawal.  We develop strategies for our clients to conduct investigations into whether any employers have sustained partial withdrawals.

IRS Submissions

We routinely handle the submission and negotiation of pension and profit sharing plans to the IRS for determination of qualified status. We prepare all submission forms required by the IRS and handle all follow up with the IRS upon request.

Lease Agreements

Johnson & Krol, LLC, assists clients in managing lease agreements of the funds from concept to administration.  We routinely draft lease agreements for funds based on market rental appraisals, the specific needs of the clients and negotiate with the landlord/tenant on behalf of the clients.

EEOC Compliance

We assist JATCs in monitoring and revising selection procedures to comply with EEOC regulations.  

Apprentice Standards

Johnson & Krol, LLC, routinely drafts or updates Standards of Apprenticeship, including any related Affirmative Action Plans or Selection Procedures, to remain current with Department of Labor regulations and guidelines.   

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